One-Stop Shop for Construction Related Permits

Pursuant to Section 11 (b) of RA 11032 all cities and municipalities are enjoined to set up a One-stop Shop for Construction Permits (OSCP) preferably at the OBO that will provide frontline services to applicants relating to building permits, ancillary and accessory permits as well as certificates of occupancy application. Specifically, the OSCP receives applications, releases tax bills, receives payment and releases the permits. There are two types of OSCP – an electronic OSCP (henceforth referred to as “eCPermits”) which is an online portal that processes applications and a physical OSCP where applicants can visit to submit applications.

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  • Construction/erection/addition/alteration/renovation/repair/legalization of the following structures/occupancy under Group J Section 701 Division of the NBCP
  • Repairs which do not involve any alteration/changes from the building plans covered by a previously issued Building Permit, Repair Permits other than those mentioned in Section 301.3 of the NBCP (exemption from Building and Repair Permit);
  • Demolition of a single residential structure not more than three hundred (300) square meters and three storeys in height;
  • Signages for advertising and business signs; and,
  • Stand-alone permit applications for Building Service Equipment and other support facilities.
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  • Construction/erection/addition/alteration/renovation/repair/legalization of any of the following Complex Type of Project Activity/Structures/Occupancy:
  • Interior Renovations covered by an appropriate Building Permit;
  • Conversion of existing building occupancy classification;
  • Multiple unit residential houses (such as row houses, townhouses, and the like);
  • Single detached residential house not more than 7 storeys;
  • Commercial buildings not more than 9 storeys;
  • Warehouses not more than 9 storeys;
  • Market buildings not more than 9 storeys;
  • Demolition (any type of occupancy/ use with area of more than three hundred
    (300) square meters);
  • Billboard structures; and,
  • All other types of Occupancy not more than 9 storeys.
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  • Construction/erection/addition/alteration/renovation/repair/legalization of any of the following Highly Technical Type of Project Activity/Structures/Occupancy:
  • Commercial buildings exceeding 9 storeys;
  • Market buildings exceeding 9 storeys;
  • All applications belonging to Group D of the NBCP:
  • Those belonging to Group H and I of the NBCP:
  • All other types of occupancy of more than 9 storeys.
  • All other building/s or structure/s with occupancy and use as for Disaster Response as defined by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).
  • Special Structures such as but not limited to Aerodome Facilities, Fixed Gateway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, Historical Building and Structures, and Historic Centers/Heritage Zones, Wind Turbine Energy Generating Facilities, Immobilized vehicle and Vessels, Motion Picture and Television Production, Studio Soundstages and approved production facilities, Off-shore Energy Facilities, Piers and water-surrounded facilities, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System, Towers and Underground structures and windowless buildings.
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  • Certificate of Occupancy - A document issued by the Building Official, following the format prescribed in NBCDO Memorandum Circular 01, series of 2020, certifying that the building/structure was completed and can be occupied/used in accordance with the approved use.
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