Securing Business Permit

To All Business Owners/Taxpayers

The operation of BUSINESS ONE STOP SHOP (B.O.S.S.) 2020 for the processing of business permit will be held at ABC Hall, Municipal Compound, Brgy. Poblacion 1, Gen. M. Alvarez, Cavite starting January 3, 2020.

Requirements and Process

  • Proof of business registration, incorporation, or legal personality
    (i.e. DTI/SEC/CDA Registration);
  • Contract of Lease (if lessee)/Amilyar or RPT Payment
  • (if owned);
    Clearance from MHO, MENRO, Zoning, Building Official and BFPBarangay Clearance (for business applicants who does not need an occupancy permits)

  • Barangay Clearance
  • Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Income Tax Returns, Financial Statement, Notarized Declaration of Gross Sales/Receipts)


  • Validation of Requirements and Assessment of Taxes, Fees, and Charges.


  • Processing and Releasing of Business Permit.

  • Annual – one-time payment on January

  • Semi-Annual
    1st Payment – January
    2nd Payment – July 20

  • Quarterly
    1st Payment – January
    2nd Payment – April 20
    3rd Payment – July 20
    4th Payment – October 20